Sunday, May 17, 2009


Winded words: “What
what what where?”
subside to sleep
and wake as “want
want want”.

Upper and lower lip pluck.
“Yes yes yes” you say;
your language, drawing in,
receives another word:
“Gala, Gala”.

In a small corner of the universe
one who comprehends has arrived;
a spec of graphite in the lubrication
on a ball bearing in a roundabout at the fair.

[The celebration of the birth of a child into the universe. Gala being the Greek origin of the word milk and so our galaxy the Milky Way. Also of the milk as the baby is put to the breast and begins to develop the oral capacity for language; sucking and swallowing being pre-linguistic skills. And then gala is also linked to celebration with the image of our galaxy as a fairground ride and gala as a celebration with us microscopic carbon based life forms as its lubrication.]

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